Once upon a time there was a village. There was nothing especially interesting about this village, besides its location. For to the west of the village there was a huge wall. It stretched all the way to the skies, far passed the eye could see. Its construction was of huge stone blocks each much heavier than any man could lift, and it stretched as far north and as far south as any man had ever gone.

In this village there was born a girl. When she had grown old enough formulate the question, she asked; Mamma, what’s past the wall? Oddly her parents could only answer that they did not know. She asked her friends, but they also did not know. She then went to the oldest and wisest she could find in the village, but he too did not know.

As the girl grew older, the girl decided to climb the tallest tree she knew, in hopes to view over the wall. She climbed and climbed all the way to the very top of the tree, were the branches barely could hold her weight, but nether there could she see over the great wall. She then decided to hike the tallest mountain she knew, and after a long and tiering hike she stood at the top of the mountain, but even at the very top of the mountain she could not see over the wall.

She then knew that there was only one way to find out. In the still of night she silently started packing for the long journey, and one morning she gathered enough courage to go.

She walked and walked, over to the huge wall, and when she arrived, she stared it up and down and began climbing. She climbed all day long, hundreds of meters straight up but she could not see the top of the wall. As the day came to an end, she found a small ledge and decided to rest.

The second day she packed her things and quickly began climbing. She climbed high up into the clouds and continued to climb until she passed them. As the day came to an end, she thought that she might just see the top of the wall. She found a ledge and went to rest.

The next morning, she began to climb straight away. She climbed all day, and when the night came, she continued climbing into the darkness.

Finally, she reached the top. The stones shining in the morning sun she pulled herself up on top of the last stone. All weary and hungry she saw the clouds under her. She slowly walked over to the other side of the wall, and saw the other village looking just as mean and harsh as her own, and up over the edge came her sister looking just as frightened, tired and dangerous as herself.

Written by Gerhard