The agreement

An unknown number of lightyears away. Over 13 billion years ago, long before the first galaxies had formed, ages before the sky was populated by stars. While the universe was still an infant, a conversation held place.

Entity 1: Do you agree then?

Entity 2: Yes. Such radio signals could only have one origin. Intelligent life.

Entity 1: It seems we were wrong then. We are not alone.

Entity 2: Maybe not, but they still have a long way to go.

Entity 1: Yes, a very long way. They seem to barely be able to control their might. Scared, alone and angry. The ultimate test for life. Graduation to adulthood. So much newfound power, but so little wisdom to go with.

Entity 2: I almost want to help them. To see them destroy themselves will break my heart.

Entity 1: I feel with you but doing so would undermine their whole existence. We can’t steer every emerging civilization to our values, our philosophy and our music. Oh, how I hope they love music. It is their right to be left alone. To fend for themself and to succeed by their own doing, not to be robbed of an identity, robbed of freedom. I wish them well though I truly do. But if worst comes to worst and they murder themselves in their own fright, then I do not think they were worth it anyway.

Entity 2: They suffer so much, scream so loud. I know we cant help them, but cant we end their suffering. Killing them now would do so much good. They wouldn’t have to war and starve for centuries to come.

Entity 1: I have also contemplated that. But alas, I think we should wait. They have suffered for millions of years before we discovered them. They have a long way to go, but they are far past the middle point. Standing at the brink of becoming adults, at the brink of truly understanding. I think their history deserves that. All this suffering can not have been for nothing. Also, I see potential in them. Although they have nothing interesting to say to us now, maybe, just maybe, they will one day. Who knows how their way of life will mold them. Perhaps they will see something we missed.

Entity 2: I wish that day will come. When they are one and can join us. One last thing though. Don’t you think they will notice us? Even as we disguise our radiation, our mass will still be detectable.

Entity 1: A good question that. I guess we will have to wait and see. We are only one so detecting us will still be hard. And since thy are so early they might believe they are the first.

Entity 2: What of the others though? The many which will come after? At some point enough matter will be used that it will be impossible not to detect us. When half the matter is used for intelligence. No emerging civilization would ever be able to believe they are alone.

Entity 1: No. I guess they might have an inkling then, but that is a long way off.

Written by Gerhard